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Overalls & Dust Coats

Designed to protect your staff from unwanted dust and contamination in the workplace, overalls and dustcoats are highly useful apparel among the workwear range. Dust coats not only provide effective protection to your workers but also offer convenient features such as pockets and internal sides. Fire resistant overalls are great protective aid for the workers who work in environments where heat, gas or electricity is present.


Austcoast Embroidery is a leading supplier of overalls and dustcoats for various industries like healthcare, food, manufacturing, real estate, gas and petroleum, electricity, etc. Every industry has different requirements, for this reason we source various types of dust coast and overalls from leading manufacturers. Since these apparels are a part of safety workwear, we ensure that every overall or dustcoat supplied by us meets the prescribed safety requirements of the respective industry.


The overalls supplied by Austcoast Embroidery are long sleeved and fully buttoned up to provide maximum protection from possible hazards. These dustcoats and overalls can also be customised by businesses as affordable and great quality uniforms. Available in various colors and sizes, these coats and overalls are a great way to help protect your employees so that they can accomplish the work to the best of their ability.


Austcoast Embroidery can customise these overalls and dustcoats by embroidering or printing your logo or marketing message on them. Our in-house team is also capable of delivering finest quality embroidered polo shirts and corporate clothing. For any queries or questions, give us a call on 1300 100 250 or write to us at

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