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Fire Retardant Clothing

If you require industrial clothing for your business, Austcoast Embroidery provides high quality safety workwear to meet the specific needs of your important job functions. Flame resistant clothing is important for your business because it saves lives. If your workers are at risk of having their clothes ignite, flame resistant clothing from Austcoast Embroidery is essential for their protection. This type of clothing is essential for oil and gas, emergency service, chemical, and pharmaceutical industry workers.


Choosing quality protective clothing from Austcoast Embroidery is extremely important because wearability and durability matter if you want to ensure that your business is fully protected. Flame resistant fabrics are chemically treated in order to make the clothing more resistant to fires or flames. In many cases, the fabric itself may also be inherently flame resistant. However, it is important to note that fire resistant does not mean that the clothing is fire proof. Workers will still need to take appropriate measures to protect themselves when exposed to fire or high temperatures for extended periods of time.


Austcoast Embroidery also offers high visibility safety wear to provide protection for workers in daytime and low light work zones where there are drivers passing through. This highly reflective clothing will attract the attention of drivers to prevent accidents and injuries.


Austcoast Embroidery offers high quality safety workwear in Melbourne, including hi vis clothing and fire resistant clothing. Contact us on 1300 100 250 or email us at if you need further assistance or you would like to place an order.

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