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Hospitality Clothing

Finding high quality hospitality clothing for your business is important if you want the clothing to function exactly the way you need it to. Quality hospitality uniforms from Austcoast Embroidery can protect your staff while also making a positive and professional statement about your unique restaurant or catering brand.


At Austcoast Embroidery, we provide full range of uniform options. We offer short waist, continental, bistro, bib, and waist aprons. Our extensive selection features everything from standard black waist aprons to white kitchen aprons. We even offer uniforms that are durable, stain resistant, and machine washable. With our customisation options, you can also personalise your uniforms to your business.


With Austcoast Embroidery, it is easy to create custom hospitality uniforms that feature your logo, custom colours and any other features that you require. We can supply uniforms branded with your logo or supply them with no logo at all. All embroidery work is done in house by our experienced operators, including the digitising of your artwork, to ensure that quality work is produced and that every order features a quick order turnaround.


Every business has its own unique functional and aesthetic needs for uniforms. Choosing hospitality clothing from Austcoast Embroidery can help you to reinforce your brand and ensure that your staff are always dressed professionally.


Austcoast Embroidery offers high quality hospitality clothing. Contact us on 1300 100 250 or email us at if you need further assistance or you would like to place an order.

  • Waiters Bow Tie

    Waiters Bow Tie


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  • Waiters Vest

    Waiters Vest


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  • Chefs Jacket Long Sleeve

    Chefs Jacket Long Sleeve


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  • Chef Jacket short sleeve

    Chef Jacket short sleeve


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  • Short Waist Apron

    Short Waist Apron


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  • Continental Apron

    Continental Apron


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  • Bistro Apron

    Bistro Apron


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  • Urban Waist Apron

    Urban Waist Apron


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  • Urban Apron Bib Straps

    Urban Apron Bib Straps


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  • Urban Bib Apron

    Urban Bib Apron


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  • Brushed Heavy Cotton with Intended Peak

    Brushed Heavy Cotton with Intended Peak


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  • Chefs Cap

    Chefs Cap


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  • Chef's Scarf

    Chef's Scarf


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  • Chefs Pants

    Chefs Pants


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