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    • Where do I buy a Baggy Green style Cricket Cap
      • Austcoast Embroidery can supply you a Baggy Green style of cap and embroider it with your club logo and player number. Click Here

    • What is Allen Solley Placket
      • A one piece placket that is hidden after sewing. The process utilises the existing fabric for the outside placket face.

    • How long does the process take ?
      • If you are purchasing apparel without embroidery or screen printing then you can expect delivery within 7 to 10 days.

    • What is the difference between showerproof and waterproof?
      • Any jacket deemed showerproof means the fabrics will repel water that approximates a drizzle for a reasonably short period of time. The big difference with waterproof is that all the seams of the garment are sealed (seam sealed) which eliminates the main access points to the body.

    • What is Nap
      • The soft or fuzzy surface of fleece achieved by shredding the backing yarn.

    • What is Bonded Fleece
      • Fleece produced with multiple layers that are bonded together creating a thicker and heavier weight garment.

    • What is Underarm Grommets
      • Small holes in the armpit area to allow breathability and air circulation.

    • Who sells Albion Cricket gear in Melbourne Australia
      • Austcoast embroidery offer a range of cricket apparel which can be supplied embroidered or with no embroidery. Austcoast are also able to supply the full range of Albion Cricket Gear.

    • What is Stonewashed
      • A washing process in which the fabric or garment is heavily washed with lava rocks or rubber/silicon balls. The result is a softer fabric with a distressed or weathered look and reduced shrinkage.

    • What is Matte Taslan
      • See Taslan but with a dull finish.

    • What is Box Pleat
      • A single, uniform fold in the center back of a garment to allow for more room and comfort.

    • What is Taslan
      • Refers to how the fibers are woven and the resulting texture. Used mainly in outerwear garments, Taslan is a durable and water repellent nylon fabric with a slightly shiny surface.

    • Where do I buy Johnny Bobbin clothing
      • Austcoast can supply a full range of johnny bobbin clothing, if there is something specific that you are looking for please contact us Here or Click Here to see the range

    • What are the quality of the garments like?
      • We only use suppliers with a reputation of supplying good quality apparel, if you find a problem with a supplied garment that is not caused my misuse or normal wear n tear then we will be happy to replace it free of charge.

    • What is Locker Loop
      • A looped piece of fabric in the neck of a garment for the convenience of hanging the garment on a hook. Can also be located at the center of the back yoke on the inside or outside of a garment.

    • What is Jersey Knit
      • This fabric has a definite smooth side, the outside, and a textured side, the inside - commonly found in t-shirts.

    • What is EcoSpun
      • A fleece outerwear fabric made from at least 50% materials reclaimed from recycled plastic soda pop bottles.

    • What is Teklon
      • A rugged, stronger Taslan nylon that is water repellent.

    • What is Microfiber
      • This fabric is tightly woven from a very fine poly thread and has a sueded finish for a luxurious, soft feel. Microfiber fabric is naturally water repellent due to its construction process and when specially treated, can also be waterproof.

    • Can I purchase apparel without embroidery?
      • Yes, we are happy to supply any garments from our range without adding embroidery or screen printing. Call us today on 03-9563 3211.

    • What is Collarette
      • The trim around the neck of a t-shirt or sweatshirt.

    • What is Patch Pocket
      • A pocket attached to the outside of a garment.

    • What is Reverse Placket
      • See Placket, but reversed for women’s garments.

    • What is Polynosic
      • Features similar characteristics to cotton and silk, has excellent luster and very little shrinkage.

    • What are your sizes?
      • Like in the retail stores size varies by manufacturer, if you are one size in one brand you are often a different size in another brand. For this reason we have included sizing information and we advise you measure yourself or the people that you are purchasing for so you purchase the right sized garments. Check out our products today.

  • ImagePromotional Products FAQ
    • What is embossing.
      • Embossing is a method of applying a logo/artwork to the surface of an item by using high pressure to press a die of the design onto a surface. The end result is that the areas around the design are flat while the logo/artwork appears raised and three-dimensional.

    • Why should I consider promotional products
      • Promotional products provide exposure and advertising for your business but to maximise this message you must choose functional products that are suited to your customer base or potential customer base. It is important to choose products that will be used constantly to keep your logo in constant view to maximise potential business.

    • What is engraving.
      • Engraving is a method using either a laser or hand operated blade to remove part of the object being engraved to give the image or logo required. Engraving is suitable for Plastic, Metal, stone and glass products.

    • What method should I use to personalise the promotional product.
      • There are a variety of options for decorating promotional products with your name logo or message, pad or screen printing, engraving, etching, embossed or embroidered. Your choice will depend on the product and your preference with cost varying according to the type of decoration and complexity of design. To view all the Austcoast Promotional Products please Click Here

    • What is pad printing.
      • Pad printing uses a silicone ball/pad to lift the colour and design off of a plate and then transfer it on to the surface of the promotional item to be printed. It can be used on Metal, Glass, Ceramics, Leather plastic and stainless steel products.

    • What is Screen Printing
      • Screen printing can be used on products like clothing fabrics, bags, leather and vinyl items. It involves a fine mesh or screen that is tightly stretched around a rigid frame. The areas that aren’t to be printed on are masked out on the screen. To create the print, the framed screen is positioned over the item to be printed and ink applied. A squeegee is then used to press the ink through the screen. The masked areas prevent ink from passing through, but the unmasked areas allow the ink to be imprinted on the material giving the logo image.

        If more colours are required in the final design, the process is repeated with different screens. Therefore, a design that requires four different colours would require four different screens and therefore four different set up charges.

    • Where do I buy stubbie holders in Melbourne
      • Austcoast are able to provide quality stubbie holders at reasonable prices. Find out more Click Here

    • I can’t find the items that I am looking for.
      • There are 1,000’s of promotional products available and we have only limited space on our website, so please contact us so we can source what you are looking for.

  • ImageEmbroidery FAQ
    • How much does it cost to embroider a name on a towel
      • We charge by the name rather than the letter, for large bath towels the cost per name is generally around $20, for a hand towel $10. These are based on a script font of about 50mm high but can vary dependant on the type of font chosen. Request a quote Click Here

    • How much does it cost to embroider garments?
      • It depends on the size of your logo and design style. Simple logos can start at $3.00ea + GST increasing to $25 or more for large complex back designs.

    • How long does the process take?
      • Allow 3-5 Business days from the time you send us your art work until the time you receive the actual stitch sample for approval. If the garments are ordered at the same time of the art work set up you need only allow another 3 business days for completion of your order ready for despatch. If this doesn’t meet your time line talk to us, we can handle rush orders. Ready to order Click Here or if you want more information Contact Us Click Here

    • Where do I get Embroidery Done in Melbourne
      • Austcoast Embroidery are located in Oakleigh we will embroider one off's to many 1,000's Check out our range of products Click Here Click Here

    • Where do I get personalised towels and products in Melbourne
      • Austcoast can provide and embroider names, dates initials or what ever you would like on a full range of garments from Towels and robes to polo shirts and jackets. Click Hereto find out more

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